We at Skyline Hot Air Balloons love to share our passion for ballooning!

We specialize in private flights and love helping with special events such as; birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries.



Skyline Hot Air Balloons offers flights in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia as well as other areas of the country. We are a traveling team.  We offer private balloon rides and balloon flight training.  A private flight includes only members of your party and our commercial pilot.

We fly all year long when conditions are suitable. Most passengers prefer flying spring through summer. We do offer the occasional polar bear flight for those of you who enjoy the winter months.

Ballooning is a unique way to propose, celebrate a family reunion or just a fun way to enjoy the beautiful countryside. We work closely with our passengers, to fill your unique request.

If ballooning is something you have always dreamed about, or wanted to do, make that a reality, by booking a flight with us today. Or for flight training, please contact us to start you on your way to an affordable, fun family hobby.